“Attack on Coruscant” Performed at Puppetry Arts Halloween Event


Over the weekend, Empire Saber Guild had the pleasure of performing at the Puppetry Arts Haunted Halloween Carnival. The day started out with some dancing (who knew Sith had such great rhythm) and concluded with two performances of our show, Attack on Coruscant.

During the show, Master Kamyos and her friends Kandar, Ty and Zephisto begin to teach the Haunted Halloween Carnival attendees the first form of lightsaber combat, Shii-Cho. But a familiar face from darker times, Azazel (formerly Master Kronos – who left the temple years ago to join the Sith), interrupts to attack the Temple with his new apprentices Morden and Stealth. Even with a thermal detonator, the Sith are no match for the Jedi – as the Jedi prove they are never alone. The Sith leave the temple and class is dismissed early.

We hope all those who caught our performances enjoyed the show. Thank you again to the Puppetry Arts team for their generosity and support. We hope to partner again with Puppetry Arts in the future.


Featured image courtesy of Puppetry Arts

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Posted by Saber Guild: Empire Temple on Monday, August 10, 2015

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