The Force Returns to RWJ: 2017 Embrace Kids SW Party


The Jedi – Photo by: Christopher Pasatieri

The Empire Temple (NY) of Saber Guild received a request for assistance from the Mandalorian Mercs’  Raquor’daan Clan (NJ). Empire Temple was invited to once again attend the Star Wars party hosted by Embrace Kids Foundation at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. Early recon of the location revealed a large Imperial presence from the Northeast Remnant (NJ) chapter of the 501st Legion so our Jedi and Sith called in rein-FORCE-ments from our sister temples: Endor Temple (Long Island, NY) and the newly formed Corellia Temple (NJ).  Along the way, the Echo Base (NJ/NY) chapter of the Rebel Legion joined the fight against the Empire.

A Mando’s Word – Photo by: Christopher Pasatieri

The members all greeted the guests and took pictures with the children and their families. Saber Guild then performed their original stage show titled “A Mando’s Word”, where a team of Jedi with the help of a lone Mandalorian fought off the Sith, and retrieved plans for a new star destroyer class ship. Caught in the middle of the fight, the quick thinking Mandalorian was able to duplicate the plans allowing for a peaceful end to the conflict.

A Mando’s Word – Photo by: Christopher Pasatieri

After the show, members of all of the groups were led upstairs to visit the hospital and playrooms of the children who were unable to see the performance, It was a great start to our campaign of “Lighting the world, one Lightsaber at a time”.

Thank you again to the Embrace Kids Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson staff, and to all those we met during the day like Avery, Kayla and Meghan. May the Force Be With You All!


A Mando’s Word – Photo by: Christopher Pasatieri

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