The Force Returns to RWJ: 2017 Embrace Kids SW Party


The Jedi – Photo by: Christopher Pasatieri

The Empire Temple (NY) of Saber Guild received a request for assistance from the Mandalorian Mercs’  Raquor’daan Clan (NJ). Empire Temple was invited to once again attend the Star Wars party hosted by Embrace Kids Foundation at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. Early recon of the location revealed a large Imperial presence from the Northeast Remnant (NJ) chapter of the 501st Legion so our Jedi and Sith called in rein-FORCE-ments from our sister temples: Endor Temple (Long Island, NY) and the newly formed Corellia Temple (NJ).  Along the way, the Echo Base (NJ/NY) chapter of the Rebel Legion joined the fight against the Empire.

A Mando’s Word – Photo by: Christopher Pasatieri

The members all greeted the guests and took pictures with the children and their families. Saber Guild then performed their original stage show titled “A Mando’s Word”, where a team of Jedi with the help of a lone Mandalorian fought off the Sith, and retrieved plans for a new star destroyer class ship. Caught in the middle of the fight, the quick thinking Mandalorian was able to duplicate the plans allowing for a peaceful end to the conflict.

A Mando’s Word – Photo by: Christopher Pasatieri

After the show, members of all of the groups were led upstairs to visit the hospital and playrooms of the children who were unable to see the performance, It was a great start to our campaign of “Lighting the world, one Lightsaber at a time”.

Thank you again to the Embrace Kids Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson staff, and to all those we met during the day like Avery, Kayla and Meghan. May the Force Be With You All!


A Mando’s Word – Photo by: Christopher Pasatieri

Upcoming Events

Westchester - PTI Trainers Guide

Westchester - PTI Trainer's Guide

Oct 27, 7:45pm - Oct 27, 9:00pm

Breaking Ground Dance Center
101 Castleton St
Pleasantville, NY  10570 Map

This week at Saber Guild: Empire Temple's Naboo Outpost we welcome Empire Temple's Local Director, SG-053 Rubin Polizzi, and Local Stage Director, SG-117 Rodney Clarke, to help walk us through a behind the scenes look at how to perform Empire Saber Guild's Padawan Training Institute (PTI).

PTI is one of Empire Temple's most well known performances and can be seen at comic conventions and other special appearances. For younglings, participating in our performances will be their first step into a larger world.

In this special class our Official and Non-offcial members will learn how to act the part of Jedi Masters and Sith Lords, plus we'll take a look at how we run our custom audio setup to create a truely epic experience!

While attendance is free, we ask that all participants make a donation of $3-$5 to help pay for the rehearsal space.

More Questions? Contact US:
Web -
Facebook -
Twitter / Instagram - @NYSaberGuild

How old do I have to be to attend class?
Becasue this is a combat based class attendees must be 18 years or older to attend on their own. Anyone between the ages of 13-17 may participate in class but MUST have a parent or guardian present throughout the time of rehearsal. Children under he age of 13 may attend as spectators but must remain outside of the practice space with their parent or guardian at all times.

I Have Never Done This Before–Is That OK?
It does not matter if you are new to lightsabers or have been rehearsing for years. Come to a class, have a great time and work up a sweat.

What Do I Need to Bring?
You need to bring the most important thing–YOU! It’s also a good idea to bring workout clothes (sweatpants and a T-shirt are just perfect) and comfortable shoes. You don’t need a lightsaber to start off–there are always extra to go around. However, if you plan on coming frequently we can help you find one that is just right for you. IMPORTANT: No toy lightsabers - combat sabers only. These things are cool and look great but they will break once you get going.


Saber Guild: Empire Temple is the New York City temple of Saber Guild: a Lucasfilm Ltd. recognized international Star Wars lightsaber performance and costuming organization. We are a not-for-profit fan group who performs at fan conventions, charity events, sporting events and official Star Wars events focusing specifically in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx, Yonkers, and Westchester - and larger events around the world such as Star Wars Celebration.

We are choreographers, dancers, actors, artists, costumers, filmmakers and photographers who volunteer our time to share our love of Star Wars with the community. Our focus is on lightsaber performance for stage and film.

We always welcome new members to train in the ways of the Force. We hold weekly rehearsals and master sessions with guest instructors in stage combat, performance, martial arts and acting.
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Puppetry Arts Halloween Carnival

Puppetry Arts Halloween Carnival

Oct 28, 11:00am - Oct 28, 3:00pm

512 Carroll St, Brooklyn, NY 11215-1030, United States

Join our Jedi and Sith at this year's Puppetry Arts Halloween Carnival! We'll be performing one of our kids shows and trooping throughout the event.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Join Saber Guild Today!

Join Empire Saber Guild Today!

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