Empire Saber Guild helps with RWJ Hospital Star Wars Day


Empire Saber Guild was invited by Saber Guild: Corellia Temple and the MMCC: Raquor’daan Clan to attend Star Wars Day at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Jersey on February 4th, 2018.
Over the past 3 years, Empire Saber Guild has assisted our friends in the MMCC: Raquordon Clan throw one of the largest Star Wars day events for a hospital in the tri-state. This year, the members of Corellia Temple took control of the event as the local temple and invited additional Jedi and Sith characters from Empire.

For over two hours, the members of Saber Guild interacted with the families of RWJ while they enjoyed lunch provided by the Embrace Kids Foundation.  After some food and dancing, Corellia Temple put on a live lightsaber show while other costumed characters went upstairs to visit children too sick to make it down to the event.

With over 60+ Star Wars characters, the event was a huge success and is a testament to the love and commitment that Nedd Jacob, Alo’rod of Raquor’daan Clan, has for his Star Wars family and the New Jersey community.

We can’t wait till next year to help out our Saber Guild family in NJ and the families of RWJ Hospital.  



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