Member – SG-229


Name: Kevin N.
SGID: SG-229
Member Since: 2016
Favorite Movie: The Empire Strikes Back
Favorite Character Luke Skywalker
Other Groups: None

Why I joined Saber Guild

I joined Saber Guild because I wanted to learn discipline and form while also helping the next generation of kids. Growing up, I wanted to be a Jedi and having the chance to learn it and also teach it to kids has been a very gratifying experience. I was able to help raise money for a charity that affects me as well as millions of other people. So to be able to combine my love of Star Wars and make a positive impact in the lives of others is a dream come true.

Rogin – Jedi Knight

Character information

Name: Rogin
Affiliation: Jedi
Rank / Title: Jedi Knight
Homeworld: Garel
Species: Human
Weapon: Lightsaber
Lightsaber Style:
Soresu/Djem So
Lightsaber Color: Arctic Blue
Vehicle: None


“You need the dark in order to show the light.”


Born on Garel, and brought to the Jedi as a child, Rogin learned the ways of the force from Master Kenor. Growing up he had an appreciation for the arts, and credits the force as being a part of his artistic vision. With so many faces coming and going, he enjoys keeping a sketchbook on him to help document the wide variety of aliens and planets he’s seen as a part of his training. Along with sketches, his notebook also contains his schedules, battle plans and strategies, and the Jedi code.

Character Photos

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