Member – SG-477


Name: Tina T.
SGID: SG-477
Member Since: 2018
Favorite Movie: The Last Jedi
Favorite Character Wicket
Other Groups: None

Why I joined Saber Guild

I joined in search of something for myself, as my passion is performing, after being blessed with my first child, and found so much more.

Tyamar Kaji Betar – Jedi Knight

Character information

Name: Tyamar Kaji Betar
Affiliation: Jedi
Rank / Title: Jedi Knight
Homeworld: Unknown
Species: Human
Weapon: Lightsaber
Lightsaber Style:
Lightsaber Color: Purple
Vehicle: J-type 327 Nubian Starship


“I don’t know, and I don’t wanna know.”


Very little is known about Tyamar’s history before she came to the Jedi temple to train as a Jedi. As she completed her training, and passed the Jedi Trials to become a full member of the Jedi Order it became prevalent that skill in combat came naturally to her and that she enjoyed fighting immensely. Her fiery drive, passion, and focus won her many successes in battle, but caused her to struggle with her deep connection with the emotional realms of the Force. She later learned how to channel both her own aggressive feelings and those of whom she was fighting against discovering an ability to touch that which was most damaging, and use it to defeat her opponents- often walking a fine line between the Light side and corruption by the Dark side.

Character Photos

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