Padawan Training Institute

The Padawan Training Institute was created by Saber Guild: Empire Temple back in early 2015 to bring an interactive lightsaber experience to conventions and private events. Over time PTI has evolved from a simple improved kids lightsaber training to a full-fledged interactive program that promotes creativity, empowerment, and imagination for both the children and adults.

Today the Padawan Training Institute trains over 2,500 people per year in and has three different variations to fit any event. From birthday parties to baseball games if there is space to train the Padawan Training Institute will be there.




A training for everybody!

Padawan training institute
Kids Lightsaber Training

Ages – 4-10
Time – 30 minutes
Number of Participants – 16-20


The Younglings will take their first steps into a much larger world during this Non-Contact introductory course to lightsabers and the Force. Three of Saber Guild’s elite Jedi will demonstrate some of their own learnings (quick fight or a form) before they introduce the class to the Force and guide them through the first form of lightsaber combat called Shii-Cho.

Once the younglings have understood this form, the Jedi instructors will teach the Younglings how to use their lightsaber in defense, showing them the basic dodges, blocks, and Force moves to protect themselves from the Empire or the First Order.

The younglings will then get the chance to use what they have learned against the Sith from Saber Guild. At the conclusion of the training class, a class photo will be taken and the younglings will receive a completion certificate and training brochure to help them further their studies in lightsaber training.

Photo by: CMP Designz

Padawan Training Institute
Into to Choreography

Ages – 13-17
Time – 45 – 60 minutes
Number of Participants – 16-20


Designed for older students, the Intro to Choreography class will teach Padawans the beginning stages of lightsaber choreography. With safety being of the utmost importance, we will begin with a few safety tips and an introduction to combat Lightsabers.

Once Padawans are familiar with their Lightsaber, the Jedi instructors will take the Padawans through Wards, Offensive strikes zones, and defensive strike zones. At the end of this, Padawans can perform a scripted lightsaber duel for the class.

The fights are also filmed, edited, and then posted to our Facebook page for people to share with their friends.

Photo by: CMP Designz

Padawan Training Institute
Adult stage Choreography

Ages – 18-999
Time – 45 – 60 minutes
Number of Participants – 16-20


Lightsaber choreography is not just for kids! Members of Empire Saber Guild will train adults to safely create original lightsaber choreography for use in their fan film or just to have fun with a friend. The Training will go over how to properly hold a lightsaber, how to cast/swing a lightsaber, basic blocks, acting, and telling a story though your attacks.

The class will finish with demonstrations from the group the participants that we will film and edit for them to share with their friends and family.

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